$99 annual membership to Let's Catch Fish...Membership includes the following:


  1. 10% Discount at Bayside Boat & Tackle and special rental boat hours and pricing  located at 1350 Empire Blvd, Rochester, NY 14609.
  2. As a member you will receive discounts and special charter programs with Let's Catch Fish so you can sharpen your fishing skills.
  3. Free coffee for members at Bayside, Base camp for fisherman with a wood burning stove, flat screen tv a place to let your cloths dry before getting back out there.
  4. As a member you can go fishing on ice, by boat, shore or fly and when cold or just wanting to put a new strategy together come to your base camp at Bayside Boat & Tackle and when recharged get back out there again to take on mother nature.
  5. Members with their card in hand receive 25% off at Papa John's pizza on Empire Blvd in Webster NY and 10% off at Lasalle's Steak & Crab next door to Bayside Boat & Tackle. Our members have been going next door for food, drink and ordering pizza and wings and hanging in front of the flat screen and fire in the Bayside man cave.

 Bayside Boat & Tackle the country club for fishermen & the regular person