Steelhead Fishing NY – Rainbow Trout Fishing
Some of the best steelhead fishing in the world is found in the Rochester NY region. Our state record is 31 pounds 3 ounces! Caught by Rob Wilson on August 14 2004 At Olcott, N.Y


Let’s Catch Fish provides steelhead charters and fishing guides to assist you in catching one of these elusive trophy steelhead.  


Steelhead fishing guide Captian Ken Strimple is a registered NYS guide with years of experience.

 Captain Ken Strimple 


As I am originally from Buffalo where I fished Lake Erie and western Lake Ontario as well as the mighty Niagara upper and lower and the tributaries of both lakes. In 2004 my family moved to Rochester where I have been able to expand my range and techniques in this great fishing state with more salmon, trout and bass in a season than most people see in a life time.

Steelhead trout fishing Rochester NY
There are several excellent areas to fish for steelhead in and around Rochester. The Genesee River holds some of the largest steelhead in the region. Some what difficult to fish, as access is limited the lower falls section is an excellent choice. Steelhead can be caught in Sandy Creek from October to April. Holding in areas to spawn over the winter.



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Oak Orchard River is another hot spot for Steelhead.  In the ……


Trout fishing charter Rochester NY – (add STORY)  Did you know steelhead is a lake run Rainbow trout and that the maximum recorded life-span for a rainbow trout is 11 years?



Monster steelhead Rochester NY

History of Steelhead

Facts about Steelhead (needs research??) All strains of steelhead are "anadromous rainbow trout." This means that young steelhead are nurtured in freshwater streams and rivers until they undergo "smoltification" and migrate to the open water of lakes and oceans to mature.

  • Chambers Creek steelhead and domestic rainbow trout are all the same fish.
  • Skamania summer-run steelhead
  • Ganaraska strain
  • Little Manistee

Fly Fishing Gear for Steelhead

Most anglers prefer a 6-8 wt fly rod or a light action spinning gear. 

NY State hatchery for Steelhead and facts about the stocking program


Recipes for Steelhead and Rainbow trout